Covenat Faith Ministries International (CFMI) is a covenant member of the body of Christ with a unique sense of mission for the salvation of souls, and the economic and spiritual emancipation of believers. Our Church network is made up of those who are eager and willing to make it to heaven.

We are a Pentecostal Church backed by the Covenant to empower and equip believers with insight and revelations of God’s Word. He sent His word and the Word healed and delivered them from their destruction Psalm 107:20. Currently, we are still a growing church in London UK, with branches in Nigeria (2) and Sierra Leone (7) with a combined membership of about 850. One special effect of our Church is that it is Word-based, with in-depth teaching of the undiluted word of God, impacting and transforming lives. Testimonies abound of the doings of God in our midst.  


The word of God is key to our ministerial activities. God’s command is our watchword.  

We teach the undiluted word of God which is self-anointed (2 Tim 6:12) and has no ability to fail (Luke 1:37) In the early stages of the ministry God by revelation showed me in Luke 5: 1 – 6 that I should cast the net and He the God of the harvest will draw in the draught of fishes. God brought this to fulfilment on 5 July 2020 when six new Churches came under the umbrella of this commission.  God has in diverse ways caused His word to produce in our midst. See the pillars of the Commission for more of what we do.

VISION 25:35 (Matt 25:35)

God showed us from his word that “we Love God by loving others”. CFMI ministry now has by this vision, target a generation of people who now benefit from the empowerment and skill training of all those who are willing and avail themselves.  These include Hairdressing, plumbing, tailoring, building trades, agriculture etc.


You are welcome to join our friendly family Church networks where Christ is the centre of our love and extended to all who fellowship with us in numerous worship centres in the United Kingdom, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.  

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