In Christianity, a service is a gathering of believers to worship God, hear the word of God, and participate in various forms of prayer and spiritual activities. The primary purpose of a church service is to honor and glorify God and to encourage and edify believers in their faith.

A typical church service usually includes elements such as singing hymns or worship songs, reciting prayers, reading from the Bible, preaching or delivering a sermon, and taking part in sacraments such as communion or baptism. The service may also include opportunities for personal confession, prayer requests, and intercessory prayer.

The precise format and content of a church service can vary greatly depending on the denomination or tradition. However, the overall goal of the service is to provide a space for believers to come together, connect with God, and support each other in their spiritual journeys.

  • We worship in our various church venues on Sundays
  • Worship and miracle service Wednesdays
  • Bible studies and communion services Fridays
  • Prayers and intersession service Saturdays
  • Women, Men and youth fellowships

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