Leadership in the church refers to the act of providing guidance, direction, and support to the congregation. Church leaders are responsible for overseeing the spiritual and administrative operations of the church, as well as fostering a sense of community and evangelizing to the wider world.

Church leadership can take many forms, depending on the denomination and tradition. Some common leadership roles in the church include:

  1. Pastor: The pastor is responsible for overseeing the spiritual well-being of the congregation, including preaching and teaching, leading worship services, and providing counseling and pastoral care.

  2. Elder: Elders are responsible for providing spiritual guidance and oversight to the congregation. They may also assist the pastor in administrative and leadership duties.

  3. Deacon: Deacons are responsible for supporting the pastor and elders in their duties, as well as serving the needs of the congregation. They may help with practical tasks like organizing events or providing assistance to those in need.

  4. Lay Leader: Lay leaders are members of the congregation who have been appointed to serve in leadership roles. They may lead small groups, teach classes, or help organize church events.

Effective church leadership requires a deep understanding of the Bible and a commitment to living out its teachings in everyday life. Leaders must also possess strong interpersonal skills, as they will be working closely with others to build a thriving community of believers. Ultimately, church leadership is about serving others and providing guidance and support to help them grow in their faith and relationship with God.

The writing of Godly option for relationships was inspired by my continued search of the scriptures. My Bible tells me that grace and peace are multiplied through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord 2 Peter 1: 2 and I am sure in desperate need of the grace of God for ministry.

The more I searched the scriptures the more I understood the operations of the kingdom of God. Godly option gave a glimpse of how eternal life operates, how God’s word takes on flesh when it meets with faith in the spirit of the hearer. There is a certain truth in God’s word too deep to share with those do not mature enough to receive them.

Godly option for relationships was able to bring the word in simple terms for easy understanding of deep things. It is worth stating that the challenges faced by most believers are most cases down to a lack of depth in the word.

At a time when sexual perversion, immorality and divorces are so rampant in the body of Christ, godly options for relationships could be the scriptural guide for those in search of the right option and direction. My mentor Bishop David Oyedepo was quoted in several parts of this text and I thank God for such a great man that God has privileged us to have in the body of Christ at such a time as this.

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